Students of the Program

The Blank Slate Program

The Youthes

With so many names - and more to be added along the way - it may come in handy for you to come and visit this convenient roster of individuals so that you do not forget a face that may prove to be an important pawn later in this little adventure you all have embarked upon.

Carlos Almasi

Often the voice of reason, Carlos is a very calm and collected child with polite mannerisms. He tends to float seemlessly between friend groups and become a mediator for many situations. Gaining his love for people and animals from being raised in the farmlands of Villam of Tabula Rasa, Carlos' father often looks displeased with how open and kindhearted his son has turned out.

Angus Sinclair

Born from the leisure land of Otium and being the candidate chosen from Otium's ruler Hovik Tooligan, Angus bears a... rather blunt and troublesome personality. Lacking a sense of caution and self-preservation at times, his headstrong nature seems to attract both possitive and negative attention.

Soren Turova

Having gained a rather infamous reputation with the help of Angus, the Headmaster's child is often seen in a negative light from mages for being a cruel extremist with rather racist opinions.

Theo Amaranthus

An extremely talkative and intrusive child, Theo is often found curiously investigating into matters that he should most likely avoid. With his at times off putting personality, he is surprisingly the one the people of Otium voted for to become a nominee... perhaps it was to remove him from the city for a while.

Sofia Holguin

Kindhearted and very caring towards others and their feelings it is no surprise that this nominee often clashes with candidate Angus. Should the two ever be in a room together it is only a matter of time before they end up in a fight.

Nari Ryong

As a mage from Figura, Nari has had a fairly moderate life with very few restrictions forced upon her. Even with her stubborn nature she tends to have a motherly and protective side that has not been seen by many.

Baki Vural

Not much is known about where this mage came from other then he has not lived in a civilized town for some time as he often prefers sleeping on the floor then a bed and is perplexed by various kitchen utensils. Being one of the strongest mage's the academy has to offer, he has been given the name "Grand Prize" by the students as many of them have set their eyes on owning him by the end of their time here.