Regions of Tabula Rasa

The Blank Slate Program

The World We Know

Tabula Rasa is a vast and united land filled with many different regions that coexist all together. For your benefit they have been listed below so that you may understand a little more about the world you have entered. It is also important to know where and whom you stand with before the festival begins.


Animal meat, products, and produce are the main exports of this large region of Tabula Rasa. Villam known for its spacious farmlands and quaint villages scattered throughout the grassfields that have impressive buildings and technology primarily for the care and maintenance of th animals and fields.


As direct neighbors with regions such as Rudis that provide such plentiful raw materials, this region has forged a name for itself by industrializing itself and becoming the leader of Tabula Rasa in engineering and large scale manufacturing. Always looking for what can be improved this area is often restless and eager to evolve.


A mountainous region that also has dense forests surrounding it's mountains is known for their resourcefulness with finding high quality and valuable raw materials that are then exported for all of Tabula Rasa. These clever and hardworking individuals often refrain from the politics of the other regions and find themselves content with only focusing on their work and maintaining their resources.


Fishery, boating, and providing transport across the water this region thrives off of the export of fish. Although at times not the best smelling land, this land is by far one of the wealthiest parts of Tabula rasa. However... Piscantur has a long standing grudge and hatred towards Villam for they often find their waters getting polluted with the waste from that region that is suspiciously always found in the water.


Creating balance and security for all of the regions is a top priority for Tabula Rasa. Creating a controlled and regulated sector for dangerous criminals is the primary objective of Cingunt as it is located in the middle of a vast body of water, creating an isolated region for undesirable.


Focused at the center of Tabula Rasa, Doctrina is home to the academy where in which the Blank Slate Program is carried out. Primarily working towards raising the next leading generation, the homes and shops surrounding the academy are all strategically placed to create a safe environment for all of the students during their stay.


Commonly known as the land of leisure, Otium is where all royalty and citizens come to vacation and cleanse away their troubles. Filled with spas and relaxing recreational activities, tourism is this land's main form of profit. You won't find a more beautiful (and oddly self conscious) region in all of Tabula Rasa.


With so many artistic residents, it is no wonder that this region has become the main exporter of tools, gadgets, and even luxury items such as vases and fine jewelry. The people of this region have a great deal of pride for their craftsmenship, but are surprisingly lax about laws and regulations. Be wary of pickpocketers.


A land located near Doctrina and known for its efficiency in not only construction but design as well. Many great builders and thinkers flock to this land to enhance their architectural skills and knowledge for either their own homes or for Tabula Rasa as a whole.