Contacting the Artist

The Blank Slate Program

Here She Is

I am required to introduce to you the one that has brought this journey - my world - to your attention. Below you will find a brief introduction and contact information should you desire to speak with this young creator after reading a short summary of who she is.

Who is this?

This is Candice! The illustrator and creator of this comic. 23 years old and filling free time with lots of art claiming its for work is what this artist is all about. With the help of a friend a random assortment of misfit characters were born with no place to call home... SO! Out of the somewhat goodness of her heart the artist decided to take these lost children and throw them into a world of their own filled with... well... maybe they were safer and better off floating in the white pages of her sketchbook...

How do I talk to her?

You don't... Kidding! Sort of... If you ever want to reach out to the artist and ask any questions then feel free to email her at [email protected] ! Despite her introverted nature she is very good at responding to emails.

You can also find her on Instagram, Behance, Deviant Art, or Tumblr and leave comments and messages there as well! Check out in progress works and character sketches there as well of all the characters as they're being developed.